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Real Ceylon Cinnamon -Why it matters!

Real Ceylon Cinnamon -

Cinnamon refers to Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Latest botanical name is Cinnamomum Verum) or ‘TRUE cinnamon, which is a plant endemic to Sri Lanka. Most other cinnamon (from other countries) is from related species of plants and is called ‘cassia’. It is a spice obtained by making shavings (also known as quills) of the inner bark of the cinnamon plant. Cinnamon is often used to spice up chocolates, deserts and beverages but also for alcohol flavoring and medicine. 90% of the true cinnamon traded around the world comes from Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Cinnamon is inherently superior to Cassia Cinnamon. Certainly, Ceylon Cinnamon boasts a long and colorful history. But, truth be told, Ceylon Cinnamon is much less commonly found than Cassia Cinnamon in the context of the global market. It’s beyond dispute, however, that there’re discernible differences between the two.

Ceylon Cinnamon comes from a plant called ‘Cinnamomum varum’ which is indigenous to Sri Lanka. So, true to its name, Ceylon Cinnamon cannot originate from elsewhere in the world. Another key difference between the two is found in the taste. Cassia Cinnamon tastes stronger and hotter while Ceylon Cinnamon is full of lighter, brighter citreous tones.

In the view of the experts, ingestion of large amount of coumarin or consumption of coumarin over a prolonged period of time can cause serious health problems and a negative impact on the liver and kidney. Significantly, the amount of coumarin containing in Cassia Cinnamon far outweighs what’s containing in Ceylon Cinnamon.

According to Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, an average adult consuming more than 2 grams of Cassia Cinnamon a day is at risk of side effects. it’s much safer to consume Ceylon Cinnamon. It’s also believed that Ceylon Cinnamon could help lower blood sugar a little, but it’s strong enough for the diabetic patients to stop their medication.